Welcome Mr. Knutson’s Grade 5 Students

This year we have 28 students in our class!

We are looking forward to growing, learning and excelling together this year!
Let’s have a GREAT year with one another.

When we all work together with your child as the focus…
great things can be achieved!


… because every day is a good day in 5B!

Incredible Success
Requires a Dynamic Approach to Learning

Sometimes the best approach to learning does not look like how we remember the classroom to be. Today’s students need hands-on practical approaches to problem-solving to help them face real-life situations.

Hands-On Learning
Making a Practical Application of Learning

Looking for opportunities to practice real-life scenarios and “act out” strategies and problem-solving techniques helps students to learn more dynamically. Learning for the 21st century student is a lot different than how we remember it to be (from back in our day). It’s our job to help our children prepare for the future by using practical real-life skills that mimic the workplace by learning from each other. Independent skills in addition to the ability to collaborate as team players is essential in today’s classroom!

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A Little More About Mr. Knutson:

It is part of my educational philosophy to help each student achieve their full potential through meeting their individual needs so that they can succeed.
I commit to helping each student grow this year, meeting each student where they are in the developmental process. I pledge to working with parents to help each child achieve new heights in their learning.

So What’s There to Look Forward To In Grade 5 Anyway?

This year get ready to have some fun! There will be lots of exciting art, drama and extra-curricular activities to look forward to! In addition to these great opportunities, your child can also be assured that…

“Mr. Knutson’s class is a safe place for students to develop their abilities and skills. Students will regularly be challenged in their learning and understanding as a 21st century thinker!”

What else are students saying about Mr. Knutson’s classroom?

When I first entered Mr. Knutson’s classroom, it felt like a library! I loved doing robotics. Mr. Knutson always gave me and my classmates a chance to explore. Being in Mr. Knutson’s class made me more social and collaborative. By the end of the year I felt that my intelligence had grown.

Sahaj, Former Student

Mr.Knutson was one of the best teachers I ever had. He always treated us like a special class. I wish I could have him again next year. I wish I could be a person like him when I grow up. He’s the most supportive and helpful teacher ever!

Sujaan, Former Student

I love Mr. Knutson. He loves LEGO! In class, we do fun math and art too! Mr. Knutson always pays good attention to whatever his students tell him. He turns boring subjects into amazing ones! I will miss not being in Mr. Knutson’s class next year.

Adshayan, Former Student

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